T.D. Williamson

Today, T.D. Williamson is the most well-known company in the industry for the production of equipment and service work on existing pipelines, which can be located both on land and underwater. T.D. Williamson is a leader in the production of high-pressure tie-in equipment and pipeline shutdowns without stopping the flow, as well as providing quality equipment maintenance and tie-in services.


ITAG primarily specializes in the production of ball valves for highly aggressive environments (with a long maintenance-free service life), large diameter ball valves, for very high pressure with complex designs (metal-to-metal seals) and three running cranes for pipeline cleaning. These ball valves have been successfully operated for more than 40 years in the oil and gas industry at the enterprises of STATOIL (Norway), Shell (USA), BP (UK) and other large companies.


AVK is a world leader in the production of high-quality and reliable valves for water, wastewater, gas and fire extinguishing (valves, various gate valves, gate valves). Currently, AVK also produces gate valves, check and air valves, fire hydrants, water dispensers and repair equipment.

Institute of Oil Transportation

Oil Transportation Institute (ITN) is one of the largest companies in Ukraine in the design, consulting and engineering support of transportation, transshipment, storage, and distribution of oil and its products. ITN is a progressive company that continues to develop in new areas, such as alternative energy sources, hydrogen production and transportation, gas production and transportation.
The company is known for integrated design of new facilities, development, reconstruction, and modernization of existing facilities in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia, and develops and implements modern technologies that improve their economic efficiency, operational reliability, and safety for people and the environment.
ITN's activities as a design and engineering company are aimed at creating technically advanced and environmentally safe facilities that are highly efficient, durable and absolutely reliable in operation.