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Our company is the only manufacturer of foam and polyurethane cleaning pigs in Ukraine for the oil and gas industry.

Cleaning pigs, as a rule, are intended for displacement of contaminants and separation of liquid fractions of products pumped in pipelines. Cleaning pigs can be developed depending on the purposes.

The main application of foam and polyurethane pigs:

✓ post-construction cleaning to remove construction debris and determine the possibility of passing.

pre-diagnostic cleaning to ensure the best diagnostic results;

preventive cleaning from aggressive deposits in order to prevent corrosion development;

periodic cleaning from associated deposits that cause narrowing, including sand, clay, paraffin, etc., to maintain the design flow rate and pipeline capacity.

Depending on the type of cleaning pigs and the task, cleaning devices can be equipped with:

✓ cleaning discs: soft, hard, with metal plates;

✓ magnetic discs;

carving discs;

✓ segmental and radial metal brushes can remove rust, scale as well as various solid deposits.

Also, the cleaning pig can be equipped with a search sensor-transmitter to control pig's movement in the pipeline and determine its location.

We offer the Customer a cleaning program, which is selected by qualified specialists individually for each case and significantly reduces time and material costs of the Customer, as well as increases pipeline safety.



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